D. Edwards & Co. – Photographic Services.

Welcome to the Grand relaunch of my brand. I’ve finally been able to scour my archives and pull together some proper portfolios to showcase the work i’ve been plugging away with over the past few years. Focusing on Commercial, Editorial, and Portrait work.

Where’d this new look come from? The Past.

I’ve also decided to Simplify things a bit – rather than “//d.” “//d. photog” “Lowercased” “lowercasestudio” I wanted to bring a more focused personal touch to things.

I now present myself to you as “D. Edwards & Co – Photographic Services”.

D. Edwards – thats me, darrell – but who is this magical “& Co” you ask? Thats anyone and everyone that’s ever helped me on or around a shoot. My “& Co.” could be my good friends, my girlfriend, a hired assistant, or any of my awe inspiring clients. I believe that nothing truly great can be created without the company of others. Without champions for our ideas, without help executing our concepts, the creative industry would fall flat on its face. I really want to hit home that the success of a project is because of the sum of its parts.


I hope you enjoy the new look, the growth from my previous branding, and the direction i’m heading in with all of this. Take a look through my portfolios and projects, give me some feedback. If you have need for any of my services, Head on over to the new site



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